Reflection (temporary title)

A designer has various roles as per the situation and the demands that need to be met. The space, the people and object you are working with also matter a lot in your design inputs.
At Chanapatana we learned how to facilitate to HN’s problems and how they can use design thinking to solve their problems.

Language was a major issue during our site visits. Conveying any idea was under a risk of misinterpretation. We realized that the more space we give the HNs the more it encourages them to share more. They are conscious and did not know if, what they did was right or wrong, or if it was the right direction for them to go about doing their concept idea. They needed a ‘nudge’ in the right direction is all. It was found that they are very capable of self-learning and solving their own problems. Each Individual should be treated uniquely and each and every idea is unique and no idea is a bad idea. They have to be treated with value, respect and attention.

The fact that we worked along with the HNs in a participatory design environment, where in we were learning from each other, made sure that there is more space to open up and share. If they were our ‘clients’ the amount of understanding and depth and trust we had with each other would not have been achieved. It also meant that our individual ideas are not of value singularly. At the end of the day the decision was made collectively as a group (Srishti Student, Faculty, Clients and the HNs)



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